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e-planner , and everything comes naturally...

The complete planning solution for your business!
Planner, agenda, organizer, customers' management, stocks management, operations management, reports. Everything combined in one on-line application.

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e-plannerOffice is ideal for any office, business, company, which needs to organize, synchronize or plan its work schedule, as well as keep its customers' history and the communication between employees.

e-plannerSalon is especially created for beauty and massage parlours and other activities involving customers' appointments. This module also includes the module for managing materials purchased by the company and used in the activity of the parlour. By means of the operations recipes, you are in continuous control of the existing material stocks and of what is used for the performed operations.

e-plannerMed is especially created for medical offices of any kind. The agenda and the planner meant for medical offices allow keeping a record of the appointments, as well as keeping the patients' medical sheets, printing the patient's consent, keeping a record of the vaccines and so on.

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